Residents of Lebap velayat have been unable to buy flour and oil in state-run stores for a few months

Correspondents of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” report that in rural areas it is becoming more problematic to purchase essential groceries at state prices.  

The residents were last able to buy a monthly ration of flour in January. Vegetable oil has not been available in state-run stores for three months.

Groceries are available in the markets but prices hit hard in the pockets of the majority of residents, who make ends meet by doing odd jobs. A 50 kilo sack of flour costs 300 to 350 manats, a liter of oil is sold at 20 manats whereas a kilo of sugar can be purchased at 13 to 15 manats.

In this connection  from early in the morning people queue up in front of state-run retail outlets hoping that flour will be delivered to the shop.

– It is more likely that we will get sick and die of malnutrition rather than coronavirus, – an inhabitant of the agricultural association Azatlyk in Sayat etrap, Lebap velayat told a correspondent of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan”.

A similar situation is being observed in many village of Mary velayat.

Over the past few years Turkmenistan has been experiencing a shortage of essential groceries. The situation is more acute in the provinces where the rationing of flour and bread, sold to residents at state price, is occasionally reduced. Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan

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