Residents of Turkmenistan are requested to present an airplane ticket to use VISA cards overseas

To make sure residents of Turkmenistan do not experience any problems with VISA cards during their overseas trips, their owners need to prove that they are travelling overseas.

Correspondents of Chronicles of Turkmenistan report that account owners need to personally appear at Turkmenistan's State Bank for Foreign Economic Affairs in Ashgabat, present their airline tickets and a visa stamped in the passport (if they head to countries other than Turkey and if they are not dual citizenship holders).

The bank staff assure that only in this case their cards will not be blocked when trying to withdraw cash or make non-cash payments.

However, a withdrawal restriction of $500 a month still applies.

Let us recall that in early March residents of Turkmenistan staying overseas failed to pay for their purchases or transfer funds from their bank cards. Employees of Vnesheconombank (Turkmenistan's State Bank for Foreign Economic Affairs) stated that starting 1 March all cards with over 2000 manats on the account were blocked. To unblock the card, a card holder needed to come to the bank which resulted in huge queues.

It should be mentioned that Western Union and VISA give assurances that no restrictions have been imposed by them and that it is the local banks which bear the responsibility for this situation.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan