Residents of Turkmenistan’s provinces need to obtain a certificate in the district administration and show residence registration to buy flour

Residents of Turkmenistan's provinces are requested to present certificates issued by district administration when purchasing flour.

Correspondents of Chronicles of Turkmenistan report that the certificate allows to buy one sack of flour (50 kilos) per household a month.

Due to the recently-imposed restriction people line up in front of village councils � Gengeshi (local government agency) to obtain the certificates.

Turkmenistan is still experiencing the shortage of flour. For example, flour is supplied to Dashoguz velayat from other provinces in order to resolve the problem.

People line up in queues not only to buy flour, but also bread. Moreover, shop assistants ask to show the residence registration and sell groceries only to inhabitants of their district.

As Radio Azatlyk has previously reported, residents of Dashoguz who wish to buy flour are requested to present certificates proving that they have no debts for gas or electricity bills.

Let us recall that only 1 million of wheat against the target plan of 1,6 million was harvested in Turkmenistan in 2017. This led to a shortage of flour across the country and the imposing of restrictions on its sale.

At the meeting held on 19 February the President charged the executives of all velayatas with the task of ensuring due care of winter wheat and instructed to pay increased attention to additional fertilizing of lands with a view of harvesting high-yield crops.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan