Restrictions for the sale of flour and bread imposed in state-run stores of Gubadag etrap in Dashoguz velayat

Restrictions for the sale of locally-produced flour has been imposed in Gubadag etrap (formerly, Telmansky district) in Dashoguz velayat.

The stores subordinate to the Ministry of Commerce are selling no more than 5 kilos of flour per person at the price of 0,9 manats per kilo.

Apart from flour, restrictions were imposed for the sale of bread with a maximum of four loaves sold per person. Queues formed of 30 to 40 people are lining up in front of bakeries.

It should be mentioned that 4 loaves of bread a day are sufficient for the majority of families and there have been no grave complaints for the newly-introduced restriction so far.

Correspondents of Chronicles of Turkmenistan report that bread is now made of the 1st grade flour rather that the top quality flour which has been previously used. Moreover, the loaf volume has also been decreased. The price, however, has remained the same 0,6 manats.

Let us recall that the price hike for imported flour was previously reported. This led to the fact that the country's residents are buying up locally-produced flour out of fear that its price might increase.

Last year 1 million out of 1,6 million tons of wheat was harvested in Turkmenistan. Khyakims of all velayats were severely reprimandedfor poor performance of job responsibilities and failure to fulfill contractual obligations in wheat yield.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan