Results of artistic contest for the best image of ahalteke horse are finalized

Winners of artistic contest for the best image of racehorse in visual, decorative and applied arts, printing medial and design have been announced during the events in Ahalteke Equestrian Complex on occasion of National Turkmen Horse Holiday.

The best works have been selected in the nominations of the best carpet, horse decoration, the best painting and sculpture of horse as well a printing and TV projects. the main idea of the contest is to show the role of this beautiful and intelligent animal in life of Turkmen people.

On behalf of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the prizes were awarded to the following winners � crpet artist, People's Artist of Turkmenistan Ada Gutliyev for carpet Rovach, lecturer of decorative and applied arts department of the State Arts Academy of Turkmenistan Ayjemal Chairyeva for set of horse jewellery and 'gupba', 6th grade student of painting department of the State Art Academy of Turkmenistan Myratmergen Kuliyev for picture Ode to Horse, lecturer of Turkmen State Specialized Art School under the State Art Academy of Turkmenistan Charymyrat Amanov for sculpture With Speed of Prosperity, lecturer of design department of the State Art Academy of Turkmenistan Hoshgeldy Atasaparov for photo works Heaven Horses, operator of Yashlyk TV channel of the State Committee for Television, Radio broadcasting an dCinematography Hangeldy Shazadayev for video Racehorse.

Every author has created a wonderful image, which unites the reality and fantasy as if the terrestrial combines with celestial. All works reflect unlimited and tender love of the nation to these unbelievable creatures.

For example, the Rovach carpet. Everybody recognize the foal, which name was given by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, and became the symbol of our epoch.

The carpet also has some lines from Rovach poem by the Head of the State and the rainbow, which reflects the play of colours in patterns framing the main canvas.

Jewellery set � finely wrought horse decorations and women headdress 'gupba' sends us back to the legends about brave Turkmen women warriors, who used to ride their horses not worse than men did. According to some scientists, Amazones, which used to live on the territory of our country long time ago, are not a myth.

Ode to Horse applied historical parallels and images of horse in different arts from ancient Pazyryk Carpet and antique rhythons from Nisa to poetry and symphonic music. Sculptural composition With Speed of Prosperity is full of dynamics and expression. Unstoppable move of horses broadcasts that energy, with which our country reaches colossal success in its development.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper