Resumed the results of the national contest “Woman of the Year”

The competition is organized by the Women's Union and aims to enhance the social status of Turkmen women, increase their personal potential and professional growth.

The traditional review conduced prior to the International Women's Day defines our best compatriots in seven categories. These are "For High Professional Abilities", "For the Preservation of the Art of National Artistic Needlework", "For the Spread of Spiritual Values and National Cultural Heritage", "For Achievements in Education children "," For work to strengthen the country's defense and the rule of law in society "," For contribution to the development of the village "," For success in entrepreneurship ". Forty-two representatives of regions and the capital reach the final according to the result of regional rounds.

The best Turkmen women-2018 according to the jury's decision are:

Gurbansoltan Annaeva, head of the department of the registry office of the Serahs district of the Ahal region was awarded with a jubilee medal in honor of the 25th anniversary of independence of Turkmenistan;

Ayjemal Charyeva from Ashgabat, a teacher of the State Academy of Arts, a talented jeweler who creates original and colorful female adornments, a laureate of the Presidential Contest among the representatives of literature, culture and art;

Sahra Ataeva, teacher of fine arts at the school No. 33 of the named after Turkmenbashi etrap of Dashoguz region, ceramist, laureate of the Presidential Contest among the figures of literature, culture and art;

Aidzhemal Babayeva from Mary etrap of Mary region - mother with many children, awarded the honorary title of "Ene mA�hri";

Oguljeren Atabaeva, a senior marine lieutenant, after graduating from the military institute along with her husband-officer, is serving in the Balkan region;

Aysara Ergeshova, a tenant from the Dyanev etrap of the Lebap region. Fifteen years ago, together with her husband, they rented four hectares of land. Today the Ergeshovs are known for their high yields of cotton and wheat far beyond the etrap. For diligent work, Aysara awarded a medal "For Love of the Fatherland";

Jennet Annaguliyeva helps create a holiday atmosphere. In her wedding salon "Mukam" there is a sewing workshop where each bride can order a wedding dress for herself in a national style. Designers of the salon decorate the celebration hall and the car, stylists create unique images for the newly married.

The theme of the event was organically supplemented by an exhibition of works of paintings and decorative and applied art.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper