Rice harvest is in the heat in the northern region

Wide harvesting of rice is ongoing in the north of Turkmenistan. This year, 8,100 hectares have been allocated for rice fields in Dashoguz Region. The farmers plan to produce 35,000 tons of grain from these fields. The preference was given to Nukus – 2, Munbashy and Alenga rice types, which have been recommended in local soil and climate conditions and are distinguished with high productivity.

130 modern highly efficient harvesters and big number of vehicles for transportation of grain are used in the campaign. Almost all rice has been produced in two specialized farms of Saparmurat Turkmenbashy district, which is the main producer of this crop in the northern region. The government has built high technological facility for processing of rice, which is designated for production of 30,000 tons of rice per year and provides the farmers with qualitative seeding material.

Grain production sphere is one of perspective sectors of agricultural complex of Dashoguz Region. In addition to rice, other cereal and leguminous crops are cultivated in big volumes in the region. Thus, production of Mung beans, sesame and bean has been significantly increased this year. The Government has made all necessary conditions for their cultivation, which allows local farmers achieving high results.



Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper

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