Riots escalate in Kazakhstan as gas prices rise

The country has a state of emergency, a curfew has been introduced, the movement of people and vehicles is restricted, the BBC reports.

The protests began on Sunday in the Mangistau region of Kazakhstan, but by Tuesday they covered almost all major cities of the country.

Participants in the riots in Almaty managed to break into the building of the city administration, Sputnik Kazakhstan reports .

The police were inside, using flashbangs. The protesters also had flashbangs, as well as shields and sticks.

As a RIA Novosti correspondent reports, black smoke is rising over the akimat building.

Another part of the crowd at this time is trying to break into the old residence of the president.

Until the last moment, the military defended the building of the akimat, not all had time to retreat. A Sputnik Kazakhstan correspondent reported that in front of his eyes, about 10 people from the security forces were severely beaten by an aggressive crowd.

Currently, the sites and, which transmitted independent information from Kazakhstan, are unavailable.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan