Rovshen Nepesov: «Music, soul, cinema!»

Concert “Music, soul, cinema!” with the participation of Rovshen Nepesov and the orchestra began in an unusual way – with a cultural and entertainment action in the foyer of the National Music and Drama Theater named after Makhtumkuli. For the listeners who came to the concert, there were exhibitions of carpets and works of modern painting, as well as a book trade and a presentation of the most fragrant coffee shops.


But now Rovshen Nepesov comes up to the conductor’s stand and invites the audience to go on a journey with the heroes of the film “Children of Captain Grant”. The flying, impetuous, disturbing and exciting music of Isaak Dunaevsky surprisingly corresponded to the spirit of brave travelers.

Rovshen Nepesov, known as a composer, conductor and pianist, also showed himself to be a showman at the concert “Music, Soul, Cinema”. With his performance in that evening, the audience turned into music critics. They were asked to evaluate whose music is more suitable for the Soviet-British-Italian film “The Red Tent” – Ennio Morruconi or Alexander Zatsepin. The same footage from the movie was shown, accompanied first by one and then by another soundtrack.

The final number of the concert program was the author’s work by Rovshen Nepesov “Mosaic of Emotions”, and the composer did not interpret the content of this work, but asked the audience to do it on their own, at their discretion.


Saying goodbye to the audience, soloists of the concert, violinist Bahram Dolyev, vocalists Selim Gurbansahedov and Selbi Annadurdyeva, conductors Dovletmammet Okdirov and Eziz Niyazov took the stage. Thanking the audience for the warm welcome, Rovshen Nepesov promised a quick meeting with soundtracks from animated films.




Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper