Rule of law seminar organized for Turkmen journalists

From 11 to 13 July Ashgabat is hosting the seminar organized by the OSCE Centre in Ashgabat under the framework of the project Cooperation in the field of improving media legislation and promoting freedom of expression.

The seminar is committed to raising awareness of print media staff on the principles of the rule of law, in particular, on the activities of the judicial authorities, � the state information agency TDH reports.

The training sessions are conducted by visiting international experts � S. Chizhikov from Russia and M. Bekerman from the UK.

Let us recall that in June 2018 the OSCE conducted the training devoted to trends in mass media development whereas the May 2018 seminar focused on new models of broadcasting.

It should be mentioned that Turkmen journalists have nothing to do with freedom of expression and the rule of law. In January 2013 Turkmenistan first adopted the law on mass media banning censorship and allowing independent media outlets to operate in the country. However, in practice censorship is still used in traditional media outlets and on the Internet and the President continues to interfere in the editorial policy of television channels and print media outlets by replacing editors-in-chief. Moreover, not a single independent media outlet has emerged in the past five years after the adoption of the law in Turkmenistan.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan