Rules for keeping pets

Announcements with instructions on how to keep pet dogs and cats have been put up in the city of Balkanabat (formerly Nebit-Dag):

To the attention of individuals keeping dogs and cats.

The purchase of dogs and cats must be registered with local house administration offices by the owners within 5 days, and reported every six months. Control should be exercised by the State Veterinary Service pursuant to its procedures and provide preventive vaccination against rabies and other diseases. Dogs must be castrated (excluding those which are used for preserving and developing the breed). A passport with stamps for inoculation and castration of dogs and cats must be obtained from the State Veterinary Office.

Dogs must be kept on the leash in the yards.

Owners keeping dogs in the yards are obliged to install a warning Beware of the dog!

Dogs are allowed to be walked only in specially designated places, on the leash and with a muzzle.

In case pet dogs or cats die, it should be reported to the economy department of the city of Balkanabat.

In case stray cats and dogs are identified, this should be immediately reported to the economy department of the city of Balkanabat to catch and exterminate the animals.

At the same time, we are receiving reports on the cruel treatment of animals which have been caught. Temporary animal shelters and subsequent painless killing are not envisaged and the animals are savagely beaten with sticks and stones on sight, which is witnessed by passers-by and children.

Stray animals are caught across the country whenever the President gives instructions to carry out beautification works in Ashgabat and other Turkmen cities.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan