Russia may start supplying gas to Pakistan via the competitive TAPI gas pipeline

Russia may start delivering gas to Iran and further to Pakistan through the IP gas pipeline (Iran-Pakistan). This was reported by the IRNA news agency with reference to Iranian Oil Minister Javad Ouji , who discussed this issue by phone with high-ranking Russian and Pakistani officials.


Russia, which has lost the European market due to the war in Ukraine and the subsequent sanctions, is looking for new opportunities to sell its gas.


A swap scheme is envisaged as a route for Russian gas supplies, when Iran will receive Russian gas through Azerbaijan or Turkmenistan to supply its northern regions, and then Tehran will supply the same volume of its own gas to the border with Pakistan.


As an alternative, Iran is considering direct purchases of Russian gas to meet its own consumption. This will make it possible to export larger volumes of Iranian gas to other countries.


It should be noted that Turkmenistan also seeks to start supplying its gas to Pakistan and India through the TAPI gas pipeline, but has not yet been able to find investors willing to invest in the project. Turkmenistan is responsible for 85% of the financing of the pipeline, while the other participants (Afghanistan, Pakistan and India) must provide only 5%.


Two weeks ago, Pakistani Oil Minister  Musadik Malik said that the process of building the TAPI gas pipeline could take 3-4 years after the issue of its financing is resolved.



Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan