“Russia Today” to help Turkmenistan “to create a trustworthy image of the country”

The state information agency TDH reports that representatives of the television channel Russia Today, who reviewed opportunities for potential collaboration with Turkmen journalists, paid a visit to Turkmenistan.

We had made preparations before the trip and read a lot about Turkmenistan in order to get a full picture but what we saw here has exceeded all our expectations. Your magnificent capital alone deserves to be the main hero of films and numerous plots so that audiences all over the world will have a chance to see its transcendental beauty, � TDH quotes Indira Zharova, a representative of the video agency RUPTLY in Russia and the CIS countries.

This year the Russian media company is scheduled to sign a cooperation agreement with the Turkmen state information agency TDH.

According to the Turkmen news agency, RT's experience might be helpful for Turkmenistan in creating a trustworthy image of Turkmenistan and conveying to readers and viewers all over the world its accomplishments and achievements.

Moreover, Turkmen media outlets plan to post their material on foreign resources with RT assistance.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan