Russian expert community discusses upcoming First Caspian Economic Forum

The Embassy of Turkmenistan in Moscow held a high-level international scientific-practical conference under the motto Caspian Sea - the Sea of Opportunities. A round table conference brought together a number of prominent representatives of the Russian expert community to discuss preparations for the First Caspian Economic Forum to be held in the Turkmen national tourist zone Avaza on August 12 this year.

The conference organizers invited the participants to exchange views on the most pressing topics for the Caspian basin countries in areas such as economics and innovations, science, energy, ecology, health, tourism and culture. A clear interest on the part of representatives of the Russian and a number of foreign private and public associations in promoting ready-made economic projects capable of livening up the development of business processes in the Caspian region was a distinctive feature of the ensuing discussions.

Speaking at the conference, the participants emphasized the importance of the initiatives put forward by President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov that aim quite timely to give new powerful impulses to the full development of international business partnership in the region. According to experts, it is important that Turkmenistan has already built a solid economic, tourist, recreational, transport and logistic bases for the future grandiose transformations in the Caspian basin, thus bringing the future closer to us.