Russian passengers arriving in Ashgabat forcible placed under quarantine over coronavirus suspicions

On some Russian passengers landed in Turkmenistan on a Moscow Ashgabat flight. During the passport control procedure six passengers were requested to see the doctors who informed them that the phlegm test needs to be taken in the nearest hospital, according to the Telegram channel Mash.

After that the airport staff left without returning passports to Russia's nationals and handed over the passengers to the medical doctors.

Mash reports that the Russian Embassy in Ashgabat recommended that its citizens obey and be placed under quarantine. Despite the absence of high temperature and other symptoms, the passengers are being kept in the hospital. The citizens of other countries, who were taken to hospital with them, have already been released.

It has been previously reported that Turkmen students who arrived from China and those employed in China had been placed under quarantine.

On 19 February, 2020 the US Embassy in Turkmenistan reported that citizens of all countries in which there are confirmed cases of COVID 19, or travelers who have recently visited a country with confirmed cases which includes the United States will be subject to initial medical examination at border checkpoints and ports of entry, and may be required to undergo additional medical screening and possibly quarantine for an unspecified period of time before being allowed into the country. The U.S. Embassy also recommended that its citizens decline any invasive medical procedures, such as blood draws, as we cannot guarantee that all medical protocols comply with U.S. standards.

Source : Chronicles of Turkmenistan