Sadyr Japarov invites Vladimir Putin to Kyrgyzstan

President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov invited the head of Russia Vladimir Putin to pay a return official visit to the Kyrgyz Republic in 2023. A joint statement adopted on May 8, as part of Sadyr Japarov’s official visit to Moscow, says.

«The invitation was gratefully accepted,» the press service of the head of the Kyrgyz Republic notes.

The Presidents of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Russian Federation met on May 8. Topical issues of Kyrgyz-Russian bilateral and multilateral cooperation, prospects for the development of joint cooperation on all issues of the joint agenda were discussed.

«Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that the official visit of Sadyr Japarov on the eve of Victory Day was a significant event. He recalled that during the Great Patriotic War, 360,000 Kyrgyzstanis went to the front, and more than half of them did not return,» the press service of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic reports.

«We know that you were in Rzhev together with the Chairman of the State Duma of Russia and laid flowers there, paid tribute to the memory of those who died and fought in this area of the front,» Vladimir Putin added.

The President of the Russian Federation also noted that cooperation between the countries is now on the rise, as evidenced by the increase in trade over the past year by 37 percent.

At the same time, Vladimir Putin stressed that Russia is the largest investor for Kyrgyzstan in terms of direct investment, expressing confidence that this trend will gain momentum.

President Sadyr Japarov, in turn, thanked Vladimir Putin for the invitation to pay an official visit to the Russian Federation and for the warm welcome.

He noted that he was in Moscow with a special feeling of joy on the eve of the 78th anniversary of the Great Victory. Victory Day will forever remain a holy holiday that unites the peoples of the two countries. It is a common duty to honor the memory of fallen heroes.

«We will never forget the heroism of our fathers and grandfathers, who went through severe military trials for the benefit of the freedom of future generations. The memory of them will always be kept,» Sadyr Japarov said.

President Sadyr Japarov stressed that the meeting was a good opportunity to discuss topical issues of bilateral cooperation and for a broad exchange of views on the further development of the Kyrgyz-Russian strategic partnership and alliance in the interests of both states.

The leaders of the countries agreed to continue the joint dialogue in all areas of mutual interest.

Source: News Agency