Saenuri Stresses State Affairs, Opposition Urges Park to Step down

Rival parties both stress it's important to respect the public opinion as a massive candlelight rally is scheduled in downtown Seoul Saturday. But the camps differ on ways to normalize crippled state affairs.

The ruling Saenuri Party says politicians must come together to defuse the chaos, but the opposition bloc argues the president's resignation is the only way out of the current crisis.

Saenuri Party Spokesman Yeom Dong-yeol said Saturday that following the public rally, parties must return to parliament to discuss forming a neutral Cabinet, recommending a new prime minister and arranging talks between top political leaders.

Main opposition Democratic Party Spokesman Youn Kwan-suk meanwhile said that President Park has lost the trust and qualification to lead. He said she must transfer all powers in order to normalize state affairs.

Minor opposition People's Party Spokesman Son Kum-ju said the Constitution has been violated due to President Park's blunders. Son said the president should respond to the public's call and voluntarily step down.

Source: KBS World Radio