Saenuri to Humbly Adhere to Public Sentiment at Rally

The ruling Saenuri Party said it will more humbly listen to the calls voiced by the public during Saturday’s large-scale rally demanding President Park Geun-hye’s resignation.

Ahead of the mass antigovernment protest in Seoul’s Gwanghwamun area for the fourth weekend in a row, Saenuri Spokesman Yeom Dong-yeol said earlier in the day that his party will observe and listen to the public’s will with a more humble and sincere attitude.

He pledged that the ruling party will exert its best for a breakthrough in the current state of affairs.

The spokesman noted that the third rally last week was held peacefully and expressed hope that the fourth rally will also convey the public’s voice in such an organized manner.

Regarding plans by opposition lawmakers to attend the rally, Yeom said it is regrettable to see them out on the streets instead of devoting their efforts in-house at the parliament.

He said that political leaders should be wise in choosing their words and only look to the people.

Source : KBS World Radio