Salary payment of Ashgabat teachers and public utilities staff delayed

?orrespondents of Chronicles of Turkmenistan report that teachers of Ashgabat schools, as well as employees of house administrations and public utilities departments, have not received their September salaries.

� We used to get salaries for the previous month transferred to our bank cards no later than on the 5th of each month. Today is the 15th and no salaries have been transferred so far, � one of the public utilities workers said.

� After having our salaries transferred to the bank cards, we had problems with cash withdrawals. The procedure is easier in Ashgabat than in provinces. We had previously managed to withdraw cash, at least with restrictions, to buy groceries. Now neither I nor my husband has cash on our accounts, � an educator from an Ashgabat school said.

The reasons behind delayed salaries are unknown. School principals and executives of organizations subordinate to municipal authorities fail to provide any explanations and ask public sector employees to wait.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan