Salt production increases at Guwlyduz enterprise

“Guwlyduz” enterprise, located in the Guvlymayak village of the Turkmenbashi etrap of the Balkan velayat, fully satisfies the country’s needs for table salt.


The site where the enterprise extracts salt is considered one of the largest in the world.


As a result of the modernization carried out last year, the company has significantly increased production. A new workshop was launched on the basis of the enterprise, which made it possible to increase the production of table salt by 40 thousand tons, and technical salt by 2500 tons. Such modernization had a positive impact on the quality of products.


The length of the lake where salt is mined reaches 60 kilometers, the width of the southern side is 5, and the northern side is 3 kilometers. The thickness of the developed layer reaches up to three meters. After a few years, the developed two-meter layer is restored and takes on its original state. That is why the natural lake is an inexhaustible source of salt.


Technical salt produced by the enterprise is used in the fuel and energy, textile industry, housing and communal services.


In the nine months of this year, the company has shown impressive results. During the period under review, 72,500 tons of salt were obtained here for further processing, and the plan was fulfilled by 103.8 percent. During the same period, the plan for the production of granulated salt was fulfilled by 105.9 percent. This means that instead of the planned 60,900 tons, 64,510 tons of products were manufactured. The total volume of packaged salt amounted to 23,276 tons, the growth rate reached 147.2 percent.



Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper