Scan the m10 QR code at Birbank and earn up to 10% cashback by making a payment

Birbank, the country's first digital bank, offers a fantastic opportunity for its customers in November. Now, anyone who makes payments through the "QR" section of Birbank at m10 partner can earn up to 10% cashback.

The rules are quite simple and straightforward. Users of the Birbank Cashback card who wish to receive 10% of their expenses back should select the "Scan and Pay with Birbank m10 QR Code! 10%" category from the cashback categories and make their payments using QR codes. Make sure there is a "QR il? öd?" sticker at the payment point. Then, inform the cashier that the payment will be made with QR and complete the payment by scanning the m10 QR code at Birbank. For more detailed information about the rules visit If you need more information about m10 partners then you can the

On the other hand, other cardholders of Kapital Bank can earn 3% cashback on all their expenses simply by making payments with QR codes. You can track your accumulated cashback in the Birbank cashback cabinet.

For more detailed information about Birbank card refer to, 196 Call Centre or the card’s Facebook or Instagram pages. To order a card, download the Birbank app, send an SMS with the text “1” to the 8196 short code, contact us via WhatsApp at (+994 50) 999 81 96 or visit the Birbank centers.

Source: TREND News Agency