School uniform in Ashgabat sold on credit

School fairs opened in Ashgabat in early August but there are almost no customers.

As the new academic year is fast approaching, the owners of retail outlets came to realize that purchasing power of the majority of population remains low, which leads to a higher risk of not selling off school uniforms and school supplies and incurring losses.

In order to minimize losses, stores sell school merchandise by three month installments for three months. For this, a certificate of employment and an income statement need to be presented by a customer. After that the selected merchandise can be collected even without collateral.

The only restriction is the amount of purchase, which should not exceed a monthly income of the customer.

Employees of shopping centres put up the announcements telling about the possibility of selling school supplies by installments in entrance hall of residential buildings.

Similar campaigns have not been conducted in previous years.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan