Schoolchildren savagely kill a filling station employee in Turkmenistan’s north

On 1 February an employee of a petrol filling station was murdered in the etrap named after S. Niyazov (formerly, Tashauz district) of Dashoguz velayat. Two 11th graders from the local secondary school # 3 killed the poor man with an ax and robbed the cash register.

Police officers identified and detained the murderers the next day. However, the news reached higher-ranking authorities.

Local law enforcement officers exhibited excessive zealousness. The velayat's prosecution officers launched an inspection of all schools in the etrap to check attendance at educational establishments, availability of school uniforms. The Inspectors also check if the teaching staff have and on a regular basis filled out over 20 required logbooks and study guides.

Specifically, a class supervisor is obliged to make entries in 25 logbooks and workbooks, including Character building, General matters of a class, Completing journals by schoolchildren, Psychological profiles of classes, On students' interests and activities and so on. Besides these, there are also 14 workbooks for special interest groups and optional courses to be filled out.

Needless to say, educators do not have enough time to prepare for the classes and educational work with students.

It should be mentioned that the actual attendance among senior graders is quite low´┐Ż less than 70%. Young boys and girls are forced to take odd jobs. For many families the additional income is much more important than studies. Teenagers sell merchandise, wash and repair cars and, as part of teams, renovate and build private houses. Rural schoolchildren work on land lots and as shepherds.

However, it is the teaching staff who is punished for all students' wrongdoings.

Based on the result of the inspection which is underway in connection with the murder, some school principals, deputy principals and teachers of several schools in Niyazov etrap have already been severely reprimanded.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan