Schoolchildren’s parents are obliged to educate their children about precautionary measures

Parents of Ashgabat schoolchildren have been obliged to sign acknowledgement letters certifying they will explain precautionary measures against infectious diseases to their children. According to Turkmen News, forms with the ready text were handed out to them but there is no reference to COVID-19.

The document says that parents are obligated to “have awareness-raising sessions with their children to explain the importance of wearing a face mask, hand washing and social distancing throughout the academic year 2020-2021”.

In case a child’s body temperature increases to over 37 degrees and the first symptoms appear (diarrhea, coughing and sneezing), parents need to immediately call a family practitioner, get testing done and undergo a medical treatment at home or in an in-patient facility, following a doctor’s decision.



Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan