Schoolgirls moralized in Turkmenistan

According to Radio Azatlyk , schools in the Lebap province and Ashgabat began to hold meetings at which representatives of state bodies and the leadership of educational institutions discussed the immoral behavior of some girls. In Lebap, they talked directly with high school students, in Ashgabat, parents are called to meetings.

In particular, the authorities are concerned about smoking, alcohol consumption, and increased incidence of pregnancy among high school students.

According to the Turkmen news website , similar meetings take place in other cities of the country. Often chastity of girls is remembered after any resonant events.

This time, the occasion was a short video, distributed on social networks and instant messengers. There are two girls in it, one of them in school uniform, performing a dance to the song Shake that ass girl by the American artist 50 Cent, performing the movements corresponding to the name of the song, the newspaper writes.

After the video was seen by officials, law enforcement agencies checked the mobile phones of high school students in at least one of the schools, looking for photos and videos of erotic content

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan