Secretary General of the Energy Charter Urban Rusnak highlights the development of precise rules for the safety of energy resources transit

Secretary General of the Energy Charter Urban Rusnak supported the proposals of Turkmenistan on development of new procedures for supply of energy resources to the world's markets, which would consider the interests of the countries producing energy, consumers and transit countries.

Speaking at the Energy Charter forum Towards a Multilateral Framework Agreement on Transit of Energy Resources in Ashgabat, Urban Rusnak noted that for the last decade, number of international initiatives confirmed the importance of transporting of energy resources. The UN General Assembly Resolution On Reliable and Stable Transit of Energy Resources and its Role in Provision of Sustainable Development and International Cooperation adopted by the initiative of Turkmenistan is one of them.

The Resolution recognize the necessity of wide international cooperation for support of reliable transport of energy carriers to international markets via pipelines and other transport systems.

Turkmenistan and the energy Charter closely cooperates in implementation of this resolution. Four international meetings of the experts were organized for joint solution of the issues of reliable and stable transport of energy carriers in Ashgabat in December 2014, in Brussels in April 2015, in Peking in November 2015 and in Tirana in June 2016.

Urban Rusnak noted that the Energy Charter's goal is to provide safe, unstoppable and uninterrupted transit with more efficient use of the infrastructure. He highlighted the importance of the development of clear rules for facilitation and provision of the safety of transit, support of the construction, expansion and modernization of the infrastructure as well as the development of regulation mechanisms of disputes and emergency situations.

The Energy Charter Secretary General expressed the confidence that Ashgabat Energy Charter Forum Towards a Multilateral Framework Agreement on Transit of Energy Resources would allow developing of coordinated solution for these targets.

Turkmenistan is a chairing country of the Energy Charter Conference in 2017.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper