Security Council: preparation for exercises, protection of territorial integrity and legal education of Turkmen citizens

Preparations for military training and tactical events (obviously, this means conducting exercises) and the organization of the work of the military and law enforcement agencies of Turkmenistan “in accordance with the requirements of the times” were the main topics at a meeting of the Security Council, which was chaired by President Serdar Berdimuhamedov on October 5 .


The state information agency TDH in its report on the Security Council uses implicit and streamlined language, but the “requirements of the time” probably refers to Russia’s military actions in Ukraine.


Two weeks ago, a source of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” reported that on the day the start of “partial mobilization” of reservists in Russia was announced, an emergency meeting of the Security Council was held in Ashgabat, at which the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of National Security, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were instructed to jointly develop an action plan for the case of the escalation of the military conflict between the Russian Federation and Ukraine.


Some wording in the TDH report indicates that the heads of law enforcement agencies presented this plan at a meeting of the Security Council.


President Berdimuhamedov ordered the military and law enforcement to coordinate their actions to implement the country’s military doctrine and ensure the protection of its constitutional order and territorial integrity .


Young soldiers and cadets should be educated “on the basis of the military traditions of the Turkmen people, as well as in the spirit of boundless love for the Motherland.”


It is necessary to strengthen good-neighbourly, mutually trusting interstate relations.


Separately, it was noted that it is necessary to take measures for the legal education of the people of Turkmenistan.


Let us recall a number of requirements, which, as the HT source pointed out, should be taken into account when drawing up a response plan:


  • The embassy and consulates of Turkmenistan in Russia will have to facilitate the evacuation of Turkmen citizens – students, labor migrants and others by land (air travel is excluded) through the territory of Kazakhstan;


  • MFA and MOD will have to coordinate these actions with the relevant services in Kazakhstan;


  • direct consulates not to issue visas to foreigners to enter Turkmenistan until further notice;


  • citizens of Turkmenistan are prohibited from joining military formations to participate in hostilities in Ukraine as volunteers or mercenaries;


  • Border troops and separate structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will be reassigned to the Ministry of Defense. Police officers under the age of 50 must receive regular military training (shooting, grenade throwing, tactical drills);


  • Men who were declared unfit for military service in peacetime, but not recognized as disabled, should be registered as reservists. In some cases, medical examinations will be organized to re-check the health status of these persons;


  • If the need arises, changes can be made to the Military Doctrine.



Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan