Security Council secretary received a stern reprimand with the last warning

During a meeting of the Security Council of Turkmenistan on October 4, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov issued a severe reprimand with a final warning to the secretary of the Council, Charymyrat Amanov, "for improper performance of official duties," the state news agency TDH reported .

What exactly caused the dissatisfaction of the head of state is not disclosed.

Commenting on the work of Amanov, Berdymukhamedov said that the successful work of the security forces depends on the level of professionalism of personnel and officers, their legal preparedness and the ability to use modern technologies.

This is the second severe last-warning reprimand to Amanov this year. The first secretary of the Security Council received it in June.

Charymyrat Amanov was appointed Secretary of the Security Council and Deputy Prime Minister for Security, Military and Legal Affairs in January 2020. Previously, he served as rector of the Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan