Selective packers from IOGU will help increase oil well productivity

A significant part of the oil wells developed by the State Concern “Turkmennebit” consists of small formations, which creates certain difficulties in their development. High watering of productive formations, as well as other factors lead to a decrease in the productivity of oil wells. The development of hard-to-recover reserves and an increase in the efficiency of well operation require the introduction of modern methods of increasing oil recovery.

In order to intensify oil production, the teaching staff of the Balkan branch of International oil and gas university developed the design of packers used to separate the layers, isolate the columns from the effects of the borehole medium during the operation of the wells, as well as for repair and maintenance work.

The effectiveness of packers is proven in laboratory and industrial conditions. Selective packers consist of two packers that are securely installed at any depth in the well, including in horizontal sections and sidetracks.

The innovative research and educational center IOGU has signed a contract with the “Tilsimat” Mary region Machine-Building Plant for the manufacture of promising packers for the oil and gas industry.




Source: Nebit-Gaz