Seminars in the Academy of Civil Service is dedicated to the women’s role in public life

The informative and educational events held at the Academy of Civil Service under the President of Turkmenistan are dedicated to the International Women's Day. The weekly cycle included thematic sessions, seminars, roundtables, during which the aspects of the women's rights social security were discussed.

With the support of the teaching staff of the Academy, the seminar participants prepared the interactive presentations on the cooperation of Turkmenistan with the leading international organizations and agencies, including the United Nations Population Fund. The National Action Plan (NAP) on Gender Equality in Turkmenistan for the period 2015-2020 was developed within the framework of cooperation with this international structure. The document defines the key directions of the state policy in this sphere and aims at creating the necessary conditions for increasing the participation of women in the socio-political, socio-economic and humanitarian spheres.

In 2017, the Academy developed the teaching and methodological manual for teachers and the thematic plan on "Gender equality". The course was prepared as part of the joint project with the UN Population Fund in Turkmenistan "Use of population data to develop national strategies and sustainable development plans".

The final event of the informative and educational week dedicated to the International Women's Day was a round table on "Gender Equality and the Role of Women in the Public and Political Life of Turkmenistan" organized by the Academy of Civil Service with the support of the Main Archives Department, the Women's Union and the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan.

The organisation of such forums testifies to the effective integration of gender aspects in the educational environment, contributes to raising awareness on the women's role of in the political, socio-economic and cultural life of the state.

One of the key topics discussed during the meeting was the monitoring of national legislation and the review of the main indicators of the situation of women in our country that demonstrate the visible achievements in this area. The National Action Plan on Gender Equality for 2015-2020 plays a leading role in this context. The document envisages specific activities in various areas. The public and administrative authorities, local executive and representative bodies, scientific institutes, public organisations, and the expert potential of international organizations are involved in its implementation.

Head of the organizational and methodical department of the Main Archives Department under the President of Turkmenistan, Maysa Akhunova focused on the legal mechanisms of realization of women's potential in accordance with the Law of Turkmenistan "On State Guarantees for the Equal Rights and Equal Opportunities of Women and Men".

Member of the Union of Women of Turkmenistan, entrepreneur Orazgul Eyeberdiyeva noted that women actively participated in the political, cultural and social life of Turkmenistan. They work in various sectors of the economy, including making progress in business, developing the sphere of small and medium-sized businesses.

The Women's Business Center under the Women's Union of Turkmenistan is dealing with employment, including rural women, increasing their professional and educational level. Opening their business (carpet weaving, national embroidery, keteni production, sewing business, cooking and bakery, etc.), they get the opportunity not only to realize their entrepreneurial potential, but also to improve their social status and improve the financial situation of their families.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper