Serdar Berdimuhamedov launched mudflow diversions to protect Ashgabat from flooding

On November 9, President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov took part in the ceremony of launching a complex of mudflow diversion facilities in the foothills of the Kopetdag Mountains in the south of Ashgabat, which should protect the capital from mudflows and flooding.


At the “launching facility”, according to the state information agency TDH, the head of state was met by members of the government and leaders of the lower house of parliament.



Speaking to the audience, Berdimuhamedov said that the complex of facilities and canals stretched for 49 kilometers. The project was carried out by the Russian company Vozrozhdenie. It includes open reservoirs, bridges, pumping stations, more than 34 kilometers of concrete channels, over eight kilometers of pipelines and other engineering systems.


The head of Vozrozhdenie, Igor Bukato , said that the project was carried out by the design institutes Sevkavgiprovodkhoz and Türkmensuwylymtaslama, as well as specialists from the Scientific Research Institute of Seismic Construction of Turkmenistan.



According to him, for the first time at an object of this level , basalt-plastic reinforcement was used, which is “ideal for hydraulic structures.” And for geodetic control, a quadrocopter was used , “which significantly reduced the construction time.”


Ex-president Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov spoke about the start of production of composite reinforcement in Turkmenistan in January .


Traditionally, the facility has already received four different certificates ( the Center for Repair and Maintenance of Power Equipment , opened in summer , received five certificates, – note KhT ), and the audience was shown a film presentation about its work.



After the opening of the facility, the president “familiarized himself with the equipment of the pumping station.”



TDH reports that the selenium reservoir is able to withstand the estimated seismic activity of 9 points without damage. It is also said that mudflow and precipitation waters will go beyond Ashgabat – into the canal and further – to the Altyn asyr lake, which “will allow developing sheep breeding in the Karakum, expanding pastures, and also breeding aquaculture .”


In addition, Serdar Berdimuhamedov was shown the general layout of mudflow diversion facilities, after which he presented cars and construction equipment to the workers of the facility.


For what reason it was decided to build mudflows, the media of Turkmenistan do not specify. The fact is that earlier Ashgabat was flooded almost every year due to mudflows and heavy rains. The city administration tried to cope with the problem on its own and in 2018 they began to build storm  sewers in the capital . However, in February 2019, the president expressed  dissatisfaction with  the work of the capital’s sewer system and a tender was announced for the construction of mudflow diversions.



The head of Vozrozhdenie, Igor Bukato  , presented his project of mudflow diversion facilities to  President  Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov  on December 10, 2019, a week before the tender was officially  announced . In July 2020, the company  began  construction work, which was completed in September. On the 27th, the complex was inspected by the governor of St. Petersburg,  Alexander Beglov , who arrived in Ashgabat for the celebrations on the occasion of the Independence Day of Turkmenistan .



Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan