Session of the heads of sea ports of the Caspian sates is to be held in Avaza

Preparation to five-sided joint session of the heads of seaports of the Caspian states in Avaza National tourist zone on October 13 ´┐Ż 14 of this year is carried out.

The sessions of the heads of seaports of the region are held since 2009. The seventh five-sided session was held in Iranian port Amirabad in 2015 where the decision of the next meeting in Turkmenistan was made.

The agenda of the meeting will include the cooperation in navigation, marine cargo traffic, safety of navigation, increase of potential of the Caspian port including by modernization of production infrastructure, technical rearmament, introduction of new technologies in cargo vessel servicing and other subjects.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper