Seydi refinery increases production of high-octane gasoline

Over 241 thousand tons of straight-run gasoline were processed during the year at the Seydi oil refinery. At the same time, about 134 thousand tons of A-92 gasoline, over 23 thousand tons of A-80 automobile fuel, 4.7 thousand tons of extraction gasoline and about five thousand tons of liquefied gas were produced.

A year has passed since the catalytic reformer LP-35-11 / 1000 was launched here, designed to produce a high-octane component used in the production of motor gasolines. In this setup, the mass output of the reformat with a high octane number was carried out a quarter of a century ago. However, for more than twenty years, the installation was not operated due to the fact that the Turkmenbashi oil refinery satisfied the country's demand for automotive fuel.

Today, the rapid growth of the industrial potential of the country demanded an increase in fuel production. Thus, the Seidi oil refinery was reconstructed. The specialists of Westport Trading Europe Limited (USA) replaced the obsolete technological equipment for the production of high-octane gasoline, and upgraded the unit with the de -aromatization of light straight-run gasoline to bring it to meet the requirements for the quality of extraction gasoline. Currently, the A-92 automobile fuel and diesel fuel produced by the Seydi oil refinery are being exported.

Due to high rates of processing increased the output of extraction gasoline. The company operates a combined atmospheric-vacuum plant with preliminary desalting of oil and secondary distillation of gasolines. Lebap oil refiners use natural raw materials - oil and gas condensate - to produce a commodity product.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper