Shamuhammed Kurbanov – owner of a gold medal of the youth kurash championship of Asia

Nine medals - such is the result of performance of our national team in the youth kurash championship of Asia held in Iran. For the superiority of the Asian part of the continent 110 best wrestlers from 11 countries gathered. Nevertheless, Turkmen athletes, having shown a great skill, won gold, silver and seven bronze medals. In addition - the third total team place among such strong countries in martial arts as the Republic of Korea, Taiwan, India, Vietnam, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and others.

A solemn melody of the national anthem of Turkmenistan, sounded in honour of our compatriot Shamuhammed Kurbanov, marked his sports triumph. Shamuhammed who performed in a weight category of 60 kg returned home with "a gold" and high rank of the champion of Asia.

Atabeg Begmyradov who acted in the same weight rose to the second pedestal of the podium, having received a silver medal.

Bronze awards were been handed solemnly to Merdan Hamraev (73 kg), Eziz Amanov (81 kg), Myrat Karaev (81 kg), Ulugbek Kurbanov (90 kg), Sylap Rozyveliev (90 kg), Arzuv Hallyev (100 kg) and Mehmetkerim Nazarov (+100 kg).

Results of the youth team, an immediate reserve of the national kurash team, testify to good prospects of further development of this sport which is included in the program of the Ashgabat 2017.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper