“Shir” has become winner of hockey championship of Turkmenistan

In Ashgabat the hockey championship of the country has been completed. In competitions on the ice, on the main arena of the capital winter sports sport complex, medals were played in two age groups - juniors born in 2005-2008 and under 16.

In the younger group in the final "Shir" and "Oguzhan" teams met and there "Lions" have won a confident victory with the score 5:2. During the match Soltanhamid Vahitov from the team of leaders has made four productive shots into the net of the opponent. The fifth goal is on the account of Iskandera Durdyev. As part of silver prize-winners Rovshan Ashirov has distinguished himself with his double.

In the senior age group the team "Shir" which has crushed its opponents from the club "Oguzhan" in the final with the score of 8:1 and has also became owner of a gold medal. For four times the net of the opponent was attacked by Perhat Atekyaev, Aynazar Bayramov distinguished himself twice and by one washer - on the account of Kemal Halmyradov and Grigory Chirikov. The goal of prestige by silver prize-winners in the last minute of the meeting was scored by Musa Annageldyev.

By results of competitions the national team will be created. We will remind that the debut of the men's team of Turkmenistan in the 8th Asian winter games in Sapporo (Japan) which were held in February, the current year, was crowned with the victory of our compatriots who won gold medals in the second division. It secured place for them in the first division of the following Asian games -2021.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper