Shorts are prohibited in Ashgabat

According to Radio, this happens on the main streets of the city and in some institutions. For example, a policeman on duty at the entrance demanded that a visitor of the Turkmen-Turkish bank change clothes. The policeman did not allow the man to enter, despite the request of the bank employee to let the client through. He also warned other visitors who stood in line that now citizens are prohibited from visiting public places in the capital in shorts or slippers.

The representative of the law enforcement agencies did not explain the reason for the introduction of the new requirements.

Turkmen news writes that the police fined 25 manats and sent a teenager walking in shorts in the park home to change.

Perhaps a new unspoken rule has been introduced in Turkmenistan, with the help of which the authorities periodically try to regulate the appearance of citizens.

Earlier it was reported that women are forbidden to dye their hair in light colors and nails in bright colors, as well as wear tight-fitting dresses. Men under 40 are not allowed to grow a beard .

In 2019, tattoo parlors were banned .

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan