Six more tourist eco-trails marked in mountains of Kyrgyzstan

Employees of the Tourism Development Support Fund of Kyrgyzstan prepared and installed information stands on six more popular tourist routes. The Fund's press service reported. «The information on the stands indicates how long it will take a tourist to get to the right place, as a rule, this is a peak, lake or waterfall. Info navigation helps the tourist not to get lost; this is the main function of information signs on the eco-trails. After all, even experienced climbers and tourists can go astray and lose their way,» the statement says. The information stands in three languages call to protect nature and take garbage with you, do not leave it in the mountains. In addition, each stand has a telephone number of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in case of unforeseen situations. Stands have already been installed in Skazka, Aksai and Konorchek canyons, as well as on the trail leading to Barskoon waterfalls and Komsomolets Peak. Tourism Development Support Fund has marked more than ten trails in different tourist destinations.

Source: News Agency