Social infrastructure of Balkanabat completes the modern residential complex

In the administrative center of the Balkan region began the construction of a large residential area. Architectural ideas of specialists of the "Turkmengosproekt" Institute will be realized by the Turkmenabat plant "Zerggerdemirbetononumleri" - the structural subdivision of the production association "Turkmenmedirbetononumleri" of the Ministry of Industry.

The machine operators began to excavate the foundations of the future buildings on the territory adjacent to the street "Galkynysh". Assemblers of the association will have to assemble from panels improved - 148 series - 32 four-store houses of 36: 2-, 3- and 4-room apartments in each. The Health House, a 600-place school, a kindergarten for 160 children and two shopping centers compose the social and domestic infrastructure of the new residential area. According to the project, the construction will be carried out in stages. The eighteen residential buildings and two shopping centers will be erected within 2.5 years, the fourteen residential buildings and other facilities will be at the second stage.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper