Social project for construction of free accommodations for disabled persons starts in Balkanabat

In Balkanabat, construction of the block for 48 studio and one-bedroom apartments specifically adjusted for people with disabilities commenced under the Program for the Construction of Free Housing for People with Disabilities that was recently launched in Turkmenistan.

The project provides for ramps, handrails, wider doorways etc. Moreover, the apartments will fully comply with high requirements currently imposed on modern housing, including convenient layout, rooms with high ceilings allowing more light and wider kitchens.

The new apartment block will be located in one of the biggest residential areas of the province's administrative capital, the 13th microdistrict, next to the necessary social infrastructure � the mall, kindergartens and school, which is of special importance for this particular category of citizens and their families.

In recent years, thousands of families obtained apartments of their own in magnificent new blocks. Residential construction hit unprecedented levels both in urban and rural areas.

According to the Resolution by the President of Turkmenistan, four-storey apartment blocks well-equipped for people with disabilities will be built in Ashgabat and every province of the country. They will be constructed by local development enterprises by orders from municipalities and provincial administrations.

The day before, on 28 January, the ground-breaking ceremony of the new apartment block for people with disabilities and other citizens in need of social protection took place in the town of Tejen in Ahal province.

The buildings are to be commissioned in December of the current year.

Apartments will be distributed free of charge among people with disabilities and other categories of the population in need of social support. The head of state said the works in this area would be continued.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper