Social protection of large families has been strengthened in Turkmenistan since the new year

Since the new year, amendments to the country's Code on Social Protection of the Population entered into force in Turkmenistan.

Under the new law, the lump sum payment for pregnancy and childbirth has been increased. For example, for the first-born, the family will receive a third more money - 507 manats, and for the eighth child 12 times more than the base size - 4680 manats. The monthly childcare allowance has increased by 30 percent. The family will now receive 292 manats a month.

Women who have been awarded the honorary title "Ene Myahri" ("Maternal tenderness") will receive a 30% supplement to their pension, childcare allowance, disability and social benefits. In addition, now mothers with many children will be able to retire two years earlier.

Pensions for orphans were also increased. If a large family with four children loses its breadwinner, everyone will receive 1,373 manats. And families with five or more children - 1558 manats.