Solemn lines in honor of the Day of Knowledge were held in the schools of Turkmenistan

Solemn assembly was held in the secondary schools of Turkmenistan in honor of the Day of Knowledge and Students. The first bell sounded in 1882 schools of the country for 159772 first graders. In total, more than one and a half million schoolchildren sat at their desks in Turkmenistan.

The Day of Knowledge was unusually crowded and festive at the Turkmen-Russian school named after A.S. Pushkin in Ashgabat. This year, the school accepted 180 first-graders, and in total 1.5 thousand students study here, despite the fact that the educational institution is designed for 800 people. This is understandable. Turkmen-Russian school named after A.S. Pushkin - the most prestigious in the country. Education here is carried out according to Russian standards, students take the Unified State Examination and, according to the points scored, can enter any Russian university.

School director Irina Kuminova congratulated students and their parents on the Day of Knowledge and the first call. She reminded the first-graders that in the classroom they were waiting for gifts on behalf of the President of Turkmenistan - educational laptops.

Schoolchildren, students, teachers and education workers of Turkmenistan were congratulated by President Serdar Berdimuhamedov on the Day of Knowledge and Students.

The head of state noted that Turkmenistan would actively continue large-scale reforms aimed at modernizing the domestic education system. “Care for the younger generation at the state level is bearing fruit. A generation of patriotic youth has formed, devoted to their country, people, the principles of our great ancestors, national traditions, striving to study, master a profession, work selflessly,” the Turkmen leader emphasized in his congratulations.