Some public sector organizations in Ashgabat have not paid salaries to staff since August

In mid October Chronicles of Turkmenistan reported that Ashgabat school teachers as well as staff of house administrations and public utilities department had not received their September salaries.

However, there are some organizations where salaries have not been paid since August. In particular, the employees of the municipal water supply department (Asgabatagyzsuw) and a horse breeding farm subordinate to the state holding Turkmengas have not received their paychecks. In the best case scenarios only executives of select departments were paid for August.

It should be mentioned that the problems related to salary payments are recorded in the oil sector whose employees have been hoping for positive changes after Russia had decided to resume gas imports from Turkmenistan. Due to curtailed funding of the sector the majority of staff have been urged to take regular unpaid leaves or work half days.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan