Sowing of vegetables and cucurbitaceous cultures are carried out according to planned zoning of agricultural lands

The State Association of Food industry of Turkmenistan made contracts for provision of agricultural production with farmers' associations and entities, land leasers and owners according to the Plan of zoning of agricultural lands approved by the Head of the State.

Agricultural producer can deliver the harvest to the Government or can sell it on his own. The State commission including agricultural specialists and technologists of the State Association, will evaluate the quality of production and decide whether to purchase it for storage, processing and fresh sale or not to buy it. Reception and storage of the vegetables to be performed at sites by agricultural entities of Miwe. Fruits and vegetable production, which passed the test, is delivered to retail network of the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Affairs of Turkmenistan.

Vegetables are to be processed at the enterprises of the State Association - tinned food factories and Ruhubelent JSC producing jams, marinades, assorted vegetables, ragouts, stewed fruits by home recipes. The Government guarantees safety, ecological compatibility and authenticity of the components at the enterprises.

According to the State order, 9085 hectares of arable lands will be allocated for potato, 2130 for carrot, 3140 for onion, 2600 for tomato, 10 735 for cucurbitaceous cultures. Plans for agricultural specific activities were developed taking into account soil and climate conditions of each region.

At present moment, sowing of potato, carrot and onion is carried out. Cucurbitaceous cultures as well as tomato, cabbage, eggplants will be sown in the first half of April. Mechanical cultivation of the lands, irrigation and fertilization were performed beforehand. March is a season for sowing of forage cultures, which are grown as intermediate products sometimes twice a year. Winter barley is sown in some regions for livestock needs.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper