Sphere of education in the regional context

In the near future, the network of educational institutions of the Dashoguz velayat will be replenished with three new buildings. In the region, two new general educational institutions and one kindergarten are being prepared for commissioning.

One of them - a school for 600 students - is located in the village "Buýanly-oba" of the geneshlik "Söhrat" of the etrap named after S.A. Niyazov. It, in total, occupies more than four hectares of land. Its two-story building consists of seven blocks, which, in addition to numerous classrooms, housed an assembly hall, a library, a canteen and other necessary premises. On the territory of the rural school, the necessary technical facilities have been built, which autonomously provide the educational institution with heat and electricity.

Another school, also designed for 600 students, is located in a new residential area along Shagadam Street in Dashoguz. Its total area is three hectares. In the two-storey building of the new educational institution, which consists of four blocks, all conditions are created for the education of a highly educated, physically developed young generation.

In accordance with modern requirements for the education system, the learning process in new buildings will be based on the widespread use of advanced computer technology, which will allow a much deeper and more versatile study of various school subjects. Along with the intellectual development of schoolchildren, much attention will be paid to their physical development. New educational institutions have sports halls and playgrounds, as well as all the necessary auxiliary facilities for practical training, including laboratories, language laboratories.

As for preschool children, another new kindergarten for 240 places, located along Shagadam Street, will soon open its doors to them in the administrative center of the region.

In addition to bedrooms and rooms for classes and creativity, it has a music hall, a medical office, terraces for outdoor recreation, outdoor playgrounds for outdoor games, and other necessary objects for various purposes. It provides all the necessary conditions for the comprehensive development of local children, including teaching them the basics of computer science and foreign languages.

As a result of the successful implementation of various state programs aimed at consistently building up and strengthening the material and technical base of the education sector, the Dashoguz velayat today has a developed network of general educational and preschool institutions. There are 529 secondary schools in the region, including dozens of specialized schools for in-depth study of foreign languages and other subjects, 112 kindergartens, a large part of which have been built in the region over the past decades and are new modern institutions with a high level of equipment with specialized technical facilities and comfort.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper