State Border Guard Service: inspired by traditions, in the context of modern realias

The State Border Guard Service of Turkmenistan celebrates its 26th anniversary on August 11. According to the tradition, on occasion of the festive date, the distinguished soldiers and officers will be awarded and the cultural and sports events will be organized in the framework of the meetings to be held in the building of the central administrative office and the subdivisions of the State Border Guard Service of Turkmenistan.

The solemn ceremony of opening of the complex of buildings of the Etrek border detachment, where all necessary conditions for the service, the organization of training exercises and life of border guards are created will take place on occasion of this day.

The state border of Turkmenistan is the border of peace and friendship. According to the State Border Guard Service of Turkmenistan, the land and sea borders are reliably protected, and the high professionalism and technical equipment of the border guard units stand as the guarantor of the tranquility and prosperous life of the Turkmen people. The renovation of the border infrastructure and construction of new frontier posts continues within the framework of the state programme initiated by the Turkmen leader. Dozens of facilities - new frontier posts and border guard detachments, residential and service complexes have been built in various parts of the country over the past ten years. Training centers were opened throughout the country in order to improve tactical knowledge and master modern weapons, equipment and communications facilities.

The profession of a frontier guard requires the high level of knowledge and physical training. Therefore, priority attention is paid to the professional development of the military personnel. Since 2011, the State Border Institute has trained border guards. The methodology of comprehensive training includes such disciplines as border tactics, information technology, history, jurisprudence, foreign languages. The students are acquainted with the key aspects of the country's foreign and domestic policy, as well as the Military Doctrine. Among the university professors are the representatives of the high level military personnel, who have extensive experience in protecting the State Border. The current officers of the troops are retraining in various areas, including abroad.

Service on the border is everyday hard work, and therefore all necessary conditions for a good rest of frontier guards, and an interesting cognitive leisure have been created at the border posts. The libraries have a rich collection of fiction, historical and documentary publications, periodicals, including the profile journal "Serhet abat - Dowlet abat" (Secure Border � Strong State). Frontier guards can watch news, analytical and musical TV shows. In addition to mandatory physical training, there are all necessary conditions creation to practice various sports, great attention is paid to patriotic education and promotion of the creative abilities of young soldiers.

Service dog breeding occupies a special place in the frontier service. German and Central Asian Shepherd dogs are trained to do service. In recent years, border guards use the unique protective qualities of Alabai dogs, trained in the breeding nurseries of the State Border Guard Service of Turkmenistan. According to the reports of dog specialists, the animals demonstrate high results in operational work. Ahalteke horses are the reliable assistants in mountain areas.

Our service is a special way of life of people, who have chosen the profession to defend the Motherland. Everything in the border operation units is to guarantee the state interests. The State provides full support for the frontier guards. They have a network of modern medical and recreational facilities, the Central Hospital of the State Border Service is a multidisciplinary medical center with innovative equipment and qualified personnel. Modernization of material, technical and social infrastructure of the border troops creates conditions for the service and fulfillment of the tasks to ensure the inviolability of Turkmenistan's borders, said Halmuhammet Hajiyev, lieutenant colonel of the State Border Guard Service of Turkmenistan.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper