State-of-the-Art Awaza Resort Opens on the Caspian Coastline

Awaza health resort was commissioned in the city of Turkmenbashi. The solemn opening ceremony was attended by Turkmenistan's senior government officials, representatives of foreign diplomatic missions and other dignitaries.

The ground-breaking ceremony with participation of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov took place in May 2016. And today, on the Day of Health and Medical Industry Workers, the new resort was added to the network of health resort establishments of our country.

The complex with a maximum capacity of 200 guests occupies the area of approximately 19 thousand square meters.

The 9-storey centers has advanced medical equipment by leading global manufacturers, and can provide a wide range of curative and rehabilitative services and detection of various diseases including respiratory diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, diseases of the nervous system, endocrine and cardiovascular disorders etc.

The resort has the following departments: balneotherapy and mud therapy; hydrotherapy with pools and spa; consultation and diagnosis; rehabilitation, physiotherapy and medical fitness; radiography; ultrasonography; electrocardiography; electrotherapy; therapeutic massage and acupuncture; clinical laboratories etc. It offers qualified medical assistance by otolaryngologists, dentists, gynecologists and other professionals.

A vertical well on the resort premises pumps mineral water rich in iodine and bromine from a natural spring located at the depth of 600 meters. The equipment for mineral water treatment at the department of balneotherapy is provided by German companies, Unbescheiden and BEKA, and includes tubs for underwater massage, underwater spine stretching and 4-section arm and leg baths.

Hydrotherapeutic procedures are also provided at pools with sea- and mineral water. Special hydraulics are installed for patients with musculoskeletal disorders, injuries or post-surgical conditions to help them move into the pool and back. Pools have underwater training equipment including treadmills. All exercises are individually determined and conducted under supervision of medical fitness instructors and adaptive physical therapists.

With specialized equipment, the SPA department offers such modern and effective methods as aquamassage; cryotherapy; barotherapy; as well as infrared treatment; infrared dry sauna and Turkish bath; steam room; halotherapy; aromatherapy; therapeutic massage and the Kneipp Cure form of hydrotherapy.

Groundbreaking technology is available in the departments of rehabilitation and physiotherapy. To determine a person's physical fitness, a testing room with advanced German equipment was set up. It helps make the right choice of exercises and physical load for patients. Vicon Motion 2D motion analysis system with Templo, a motion analysis software; Bod Pod body composition measurement; Quark CPET metabolic cart and a diagnostic appliance � COSMED ergometer, an HP Cosmos locomotion treadmill system have been put into practice here.

Highly qualified medical fitness instructors are also at the patients' service. The gym is furnished with advanced sports equipment and other sports gear by Frei AG and Gym 80 (Germany), as well as by Airex (Switzerland).

The resort will offer such treatment methods as electrotherapy; mechanotherapy; ergotherapy; dry needling therapy and ozone therapy. Special equipment by Frei AG is installed for sling therapy. It is a complete system for diagnosis, active treatment and exercises based on the individual approach to every patient. This method is also called therapy up in the air, as the patient's body is hanged up with elastic bonds during therapeutic sessions.

In addition, the Awaza health resort offers such types of physiotherapy as pressotherapy (air pressure massage), laser therapy, aromatherapy and halotherapy.

Patients can spend their leisure time at the library or internet cafe, playing pool, swimming outdoors, playing football, basketball, tennis, or at a cafeteria.

Comfortable patient rooms and suites are located on levels 4 to 8. They include single and double rooms, rooms for disabled, Lux, Super Lux and King Lux suites.

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH