Strong wind carried dust from Turkmenistan to the Caspian Sea for 250 km

On June 22, a strong wind carried huge masses of dust from Turkmenistan to the Caspian Sea for 250 kilometers. This is reported by the Meteorological Journal .

With gusts, the wind speed in the Caspian Balkan velayat reached 21 m/s.

As previously reported, strong winds with gusts of up to 18 m/s were also observed in Ashgabat. The wind speed here turned out to be 6-8 m/s higher than expected.

This led to the appearance in the capital of short-term dusty snow , which limited visibility.

The editors of HT in a previous message called this phenomenon a "dust storm", which is incorrect. Apologize.

The publication notes that in recent years, strong winds have been regularly recorded in different regions of Turkmenistan, accompanied by dust storms of varying intensity and dust drifts. Most often, a strong wind was recorded in the east of Turkmenistan, and the strongest dust storms were recorded in the southeast of Ahal and in the Mary region.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan