Student linguistic festival is dedicated to V Asian Games

Turkmen Azadi National Institute of World Languages held student contest that united language experts from various educational institutions of the country.

Current year brought some novelties to the programme. Along with traditional English and Russian languages, the students competed in knowledge of Chinese and Japanese, which supplemented school and university programmes according to the concept of multilingual education.

The festival was held in three categories, during which the participants gave presentations on versatile life of the country preparing for large sport forum � V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games as well as on history, traditions and culture of Turkmen people. Interactive presentations enveloped all programme sports and symbols of V Asian Games. Special attention was paid to the mascot of V Asian Games, attractive and friendly alabay Vepaly (faithful).

In artistic category, the students recited the fragments of the classics of the world's and national literature, demonstrated musical and poetry performances, having won the jury and specctators by good level of language knowledge and stage talent.

By the results of the competitions, the teams of engineering and technology, medical and agricultural universities, the state university as well as financial, sport and tourism, economic and management institutes and arts academy were the best.

Graduates of TNIWL named after Azadi Maral Jumadurdiyeva, Shirin Chagylova and Eziz Nurmuhammedov, who successfully combined the role of the hosts and participants of the competitions, were specially mentioned.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper