Students of foreign universities who came to Turkmenistan for the holidays are sent to the army

They are trying to deprive students of foreign universities who returned to Turkmenistan for summer vacations and send them to the army, Turkmen news reports .

After the resumption of regular flights with Russia, the UAE and Germany in the summer of 2022, many students from Turkmenistan studying in foreign educational institutions returned home to renew their expired passports.

Male students who had not previously served in the army were detained in the country until October 1 under the pretext of the need for a second medical examination, and after this date the deferment from the army was declared invalid.

The publication notes that in the Mary velayat, all those who did not serve are taken into the army, and in Lebap there is an opportunity to pay off.

It is impossible to renew a Turkmen passport while abroad. In consulates, citizens are told that for this they need to go to Turkmenistan.

During the pandemic, when the borders were closed, Turkmen consulates stamped expired passports with a stamp that extended the validity of the document until December 31, 2024. However, such a stamp was not recognized by third countries and it was impossible to leave the host country anywhere except for home.

Those who returned to Turkmenistan were told that their passport would be valid for another two years, and its replacement was considered early. In this regard, in order to obtain a new document (students who already have a military ID and girls), it is necessary to provide the original application from the university for early replacement of the passport, to which it is necessary to attach a certificate of study, as well as certified copies of the student ID card and grade book. Students have to request these documents by registered mail in the country of study.

In addition, to replace a passport, you need to collect certificates from the migration service, the registry office, the military registration and enlistment office, and local authorities.

After obtaining a passport, students must also obtain an exit permit (guvanama) from the regional department of education. After that, he can purchase a ticket, apply for a study visa and request medical certificates to return to the country of study.




Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan