Submission of documents to high and secondary professional institutions starts

High activity was observed from the first day of enrolment campaign what indicates the endeavour of Turkmen boys and girls to new knowledge and acquisition of professional skills.

In total, it is planned to enrol 8308 students to the universities of the country in 2017 � 2018 educational year. This is 1052 people more than in the last year (the growth rate is 14 percent). This will be the first enrolment for the Institute of Public Service where the specialists of this sphere will be trained starting from this year.

Secondary and initial professional schools will enrol accordingly 8317 and 25000 students.

Turkmenistan needs well-educated, high moral and initiative, mobile, dynamic and constructive people, who will be able to take own responsible decisions, - the Head of the State always highlights.

Steady increase of students enrolment to high and secondary educational institutions, opening of new specialities, construction of schools and kindergartens across the country, computerization of learning process were the concrete steps in this direction. At the same time, the basis of modern national doctrine of educational development is made of valuable targets combining spiritual ideals, national experience and universal achievements in this field.

The reception of the documents to Ashgabat and velayat centres universities as well as secondary professional schools of medical, cultural, financial and economic profile will last until July 26 and the entry exams will be held from July 30 until August 22.

Twenty initial professional schools working on self �sustained basis will stop the reception of documents on August 17 and the entry exams will be held on August 19 � 23.

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH